Laptop Keyboard Light




Introduction: Laptop Keyboard Light

Helpfull laptop light for the keyboard

old cassette
glue gun
led lantern
usb cable
spring from a pen
220ohm resistor

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Step 1:

Get an old cassette and disassemble it. We need only one part.

Step 2: Cut Something

Step 3: Some Paper

Cut two pieces of paper 2cm width 28cm height

Fold by the half, and then by the half and half...until you get something like the picture

Cut a little peace of eraser and paste it with a glue gun to the cassette like the picture, you can add some tape.

Step 4: Add the Springs

Take the pen spring and cut it half, then paste it to the bottom of the cassette like the picture.

Step 5: Find Your Lantern

Get your lantern, disassemble it and keep the led or leds, add a 220ohm resistor in series.
Then cut the usb green and white cables
Finally conect the usb cable ground to the leds ground and the usb voltage to the resistor.

Step 6: Paste

Paste the leds and the usb cable to the cassette.

Step 7: Use It

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    2 Discussions

    Winged Fist
    Winged Fist

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great design! Very nice concept, and well executed... It's good to see a build that makes use of an old cassette tape box!;-)