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Inspired by a project seen on pinterest, i decided to create a laptop lap stand that had to no only hold my laptop (of course) but also hold my iphone on a reading position and have room for a wireless mouse or maybe an external HD.

Available in portuguese at

Step 1: Find the Wood and Cut It to Length

I have a bunch of plywood laying around my backyard and that piece was almost the size i needed.

I roughly decided where i should cut and marked it with the pencil. Then used a square to trace a line from an end to the other.

Then used my circular saw to cut it.

Step 2: IPhone Place

I then traced the iphone format to the wood

Using a marking tape on the drill bit I was able to drill several holes to the plywood without going all the way through.

And then I used a screwdriver as a chisel to make everything look nice and round.

I also had to carve a little bit towards the edge (not carving the top) so the iPhone wouldnt stand straight.

Step 3: Drilling Cooling Holes

I traced the laptop's shape to the wood to know where to drill the holes.

I used a flat 3/4 drill bit

I drilled the first hole on the top left edge and traced lines from the center of it on both directions.

After that i marked from the edge of the hole several 1cm distance marks so each hole would have a 1cm distance from each other.

Step 4: Sanding and Finishing

After drilling all the holes, it was time to sand everything flush.

I used 80 grip sand paper and went through 120, 180 to finish with 220 grip.

After sanding, clean the dust with a dry rag and then apply oil or varnish to finish.

I prefered oil because it looks better in my opinion and it is cheaper.

Remove the excess with a dry rag and wait for it to dry for a few minutes.

And you're good to go.

Step 5:

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Albert Borland

3 years ago

Great Instructable!

Thanks a lot for the Inspiration


3 years ago

do u know foradoescrtorio if i could buy this wonderful creation from u

would be appreciated if u could tell me if it were for sale and how much u were looking to sell it for


3 years ago

that looks real nice, have to give it a try.


3 years ago on Introduction

Could I have all the dimensions (like the diameter of the holes, etc) for the project? like, the diameter of the doles and the depth? Trying to make this in my woodshed class...


4 years ago

This is really nice! Thanks for sharing.

No, they don't go through. Also, they're made with the flat drill bit, which means each one of the holes, comes already with a big and small hole because of the pointy end of the drill bit, you wouldn't have the drill two holes. I hope I made myself clear. If you did the holes with a fostner bit, it would also have a smaller hole in the middle. Not that deep. but it would be there.


Great build / instructable. Your flat drill bit is also called a paddle bit. Is there a reason why you didn't make the hole go all the way through?


Reply 4 years ago

it is also called a spade bit


4 years ago

This is mine. I used old pallet wood instead of plywood though. I just have a lot of pallets.

14, 12:04 PM.jpg
2 replies

You should check out the instructable on how to make a pallet skateboard, It looks really nice.

Check it out;


5 years ago on Introduction

Isn't the image at the top right from the Kickstarter campaign?