Laptop Stand Diy


Introduction: Laptop Stand Diy

This is the stand for my laptop, it has a wooden base, connected to the vertically mobile platform which supports the computer.
It has a 1.2m iron bara seems that is rather short in diameter, though it supports the weight well, it lacks some structural rigidity.
To fix the height of metal clamp time use, although the intention is to achieve a more aesthetic bracket.
I had the idea to also tilt the platform, but I had problems with the strength of the wood and the thing that I have not worked well. The idea was to put screws into wood nuts to tighten the pipes but the wood could not stand the pressure.



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    Err, that mouse looks quote out of place, not really needed with the touch pad. If you prefer, you could make a 'swing out' mousepad on the right side. Kinda like this idea: