Large Flowerpot Project




Introduction: Large Flowerpot Project

So this instructable is really simple, shows you how to make a large (30 inch diameter!) flower pot.

Step 1: Buy Plants

really simple, take kids on a trip to local home depot and buy a handfull of perennials.

Step 2: Assemble Steel Components

OK, you will need a 30 inch diameter steel pipe, 16 gage sheet metal and 5 inch steel channel.  In the photo, you can see the pipe, the sheet metal, and also the channel is placed on the forklift forks.  I used a 3 ft x 3 ft sheet and the channel lengths were approx 14 inches a piece.  The reason the channel was used, the whole thing will end up being over 200 lbs and not easy to lug around.  Forklift makes it easier to move.

Step 3: Weld Sheet Metal to Pipe

The base of the flower pot is the the sheet metal welded to the bottom of pipe.  I used a cheap harbor freight welder and tack welded (about 10 spots) the sheet metal to the pipe.  The forklift makes a great work table.

Step 4: Trim Excess Sheet Metal From Pipe

OK, pretty self explanatory, used a plasma torch to cut out the excess sheet metal from around the base of the pipe.  Hat tip to Tony Meza for his lessons on the use of the plasma cutter.

Step 5: Photo Op

My cheering squad, Nicky and Dan hamming it after a successfull  plasma cutting operation.

Step 6: Welding the Channel to the Sheet Metal

This went really well, except we ran out to solder, so note to self to beef up the welds when we get a new roll of solder in.  I was actually a little nervous because nick and dan were in the drivers seat of the fork lift and the thought did not escape me that they might lower the "boom" rhetorically speaking!

Step 7: Add Drainage Layer

The photographer, Nealu, participated in adding the pea gravel at the base of the flower pot.

Step 8: Add Soil and Plants

Next steps are to add in a few cubic feet of soil and the specific plants we had obtained.

Step 9: The End

Here it is! Our beautiful flower pot.  Hope you learned something.  Basically, when cost is no option and you have a full work shop at your disposal, even I can build a flower pot from scratch within a couple of hours.

Step 10: Foot Note - Kudos

Please do not try this at home without the appropriate training and safety controls in place.  Remember we are a professional team and have years of experience at these types of projects.

Kudos to Dhana, Nick, and Nealu who encouraged, sponsored, and documented another mad scientist production.

Safety procedures were followed.  See Dhana with her safety glasses!  I guess I could have worn safety shoes and jeans instead of the leisurely sandals and shorts.  I did have welding jacket and helmet though.

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