ReliefRep V.1

Introduction: ReliefRep V.1

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Here pictured is the first version of my large-format RepRap-oriented, Arduino-based, 3D printer, paintstruder, and plotter designed and built from scratch back in 2014. Printable / plottable area is almost 3 feet. 80/20 aluminum extrusion is used for the frame and most connective parts were 3D printed on my other bots. A 1/2 inch sheet of glass serves as the printbed.

Step 1: Left Side Detail

Power supply, RepRap Arduino MEGA Pololu Shield (RAMPS), Y-axis motor, X-axis motor and carriage, 1 of 4 manual Z-axes knobs, and skateboard bearings. The X-carriage can fit various modular extrusion / plotting attachments.

Step 2: Right Side Detail

X and Y axes belts.

Step 3: Cable Management Part 1

Whatever works.

Step 4: Step 4: Cable Management 2

Rather fortunately placed pipe thanks to East Coast old building boiler heating infrastructure.

Step 5: Plotting Example

Custom X-carriage pen holder attachment pictured.

Step 6: Syringe-Based Paintstrusion System

Custom 3D printable syringe-based paintstrusion system. Fits 60ML syringes and is designed to be quick-release, so that I may prepare many syringes with acrylic paint and swiftly switch them out as print-paintings are in-progress.

Step 7: Paintstrusion Example 1

Example of initial paintstrusion attempts with the paint consistency mixed akin to frosting.

Step 8: Paintstrusion Example 2

Experimenting here with "plotted-pourings". Instead of plunging paint via syringes, I decided to instead mix paint with a specific viscosity to drip at a flowrate that matched the feedrate of the printer.

Step 9: Plastrusion Example 1

3mm filament plastruding through a J-Head hotend. Glass is treated with spray fixative to create temporary tack.

Step 10: Plastrusion Example 2

2 foot painterly 3D print in progress. 1.75mm filament speedily plastruding through the new "Volcano" E3D hotend.

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    4 years ago

    good jobge refering your project.

    But how to manage the different colour with your 3d printer?