Large Loops Copper Bracelet




Introduction: Large Loops Copper Bracelet

- 5 hammered rings, antique copper, 33 mm
- 28 medium knurled antique copper jump rings*
- 1 lobster claw clasp, antique copper, 7 x 14 mm
- 1 square jump ring, antique copper, ¼ inch

*you can create these jump rings by opening links of the medium knurled antique copper chain, this project uses approximately 11 inches of chain to create 28 jump rings.

-Chain nose pliers

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Make Jump Rings

To turn the chain into jump rings, use your chain nose pliers to gently open each chain link and remove it from the chain. Take care to pull one side of the jump ring away from instead of pulling out so that you won't put pressure on the jump ring and cause it to break. Continue until you have created 28 jump rings.

Step 2: Add Clasp and Square Jump Ring

With your chain nose pliers open the square jump ring - remember to use chain nose pliers to pull one side away from your body and one side towards your body - do not pull out. Thread it through the loop at the end of the lobster claw and thread one end through one of the hammered rings. Close the square jump ring securely.

Step 3: Connect Rings

With your chain nose pliers loop one knurled jump ring around two hammered rings. Close securely. Repeat until you have 7 knurled jump rings closed around the two hammered rings. Repeat to attach all hammered rings. Close bracelet by hooking lobster claw around one hammered ring as shown.

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Ornamentea, I saw that you linked the parts list to your commercial website, and I have no problem with that. This looks like a great piece of jewelry (coming from a guy), but I think that it would be great if you could detail the building process with more pictures and more detailed instructions on how to put the spare jewelry parts together.

    From a business point of view, if you are to document the construction of the jewelry in a more descriptive way, I think you will have more people coming to your website to buy the parts and build the piece from the instructions you provide here.  If you contact one of the Administrators (Try: Randofo) of this site, they may even be able to have you sponsor a jewelry making contest which would give your business some awesome web traffic!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful, thank you for the feedback! For most of the tutorials, I take care to photograph more detailed instructions. This particular tutorial didn't have as many photos associated with it. I'll take care to document the construction more descriptively for future tutorials! I definitely want to reach an audience that may not know a single thing about jewelry making, so I try to keep the tutorials simple enough for a beginner. As far as a contest, I would LOVE that! I'll definitely get in touch for more details on making this happen. Warm regards, Alison


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet looking hammered rings, now I know what to do with all that heavy gauge scrap copper-wire I dug out of electronics.