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Introduction: Large Luggage Tag--Easy Kid's Craft

I just got back from a short  vacation this week and I had no trouble picking out my bags from all the others in the airport.  They are labeled quite colorfully and big enough to stand out on an airline luggage carousel.  Of course I have black luggage-- and so does everyone else!  To help get on with my trip faster I put something unique on those bags that will stand out in a crowd. My tag is big… but lightweight.  This is a great craft for kids!

You will need:

2 foam door hangers in contrasting colors

Disappearing marker

Hole punch, scissors

Tacky craft glue

Sharpie maker

16” of flexible plastic string (used for beading)

Small foam shapes to fit in the center hole

1) Choose two contrasting colors of foam door hangers.  Measure 3 inches from the bottom of one door hanger marking with a disappearing marker and cut off. Do the same with the other door hanger except you will measure from the top  (the end with the hole) and cut off.

2) Place them together and you will have a recessed area on one end.  You will not be putting any glue on this area.

3) Using a large hole punch or simply poke a hole with a nail in the center of the door hole area.

4) Line up both side together so that the hole you punched is in the center of the door hole.  (This is the top of your tag)

5) Spread some tacky glue onto the side with the hole. Press together and let dry.  Trim the corners at an angle.

6) Glue foam shapes in the recessed door hole areas if desired or just leave as is.   Attach a piece of flexible plastic string through the punched hole and attach to luggage.  Use the Sharpie marker to label with name and address.

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