Large Organic Food Garden

Last week we created a beautiful organic food garden here in Cape Town, South Africa.

The space is divided into three sections, including:
1. Long thin passage
2. Large central space
3. Lawn-edged bed

It took three of us two days to create the garden. In our area it is very sand, so a large part of the work was clearing sand and mixing in nutrients. This was our process:

1. Clear weeds, old plants.
2. Level ground using spades and rakes.
3. Build edging. We used wood and stones.
4. Mix nutrients into soil. We make our own mix of bonemeal, compost, organic fertilizer, vermi-castings (worm droppings), and volcanic rock dust (rock minerals).
5. Plant seeds and seedlings.
6. Cover exposed soil around seedlings with mulch to minimize evaporation and erosion.

The garden is transformed! 



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    4 Discussions

    Just Bill

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've been an organic gardener for roughly 20 years and I want to tell you that you inspired me to consider 'design' as having more value than I previously did. I will be starting a new garden in North Carolina, USA this fall / next spring and I think that I will at least pave my paths this time.


    The stepping stones in the larger beds are a new idea to me. Wonderful, practical, in-the -bed / out- of- the-box, concept. Some how I would have considered this "cheating", but it is so SENSIBLE. GREAT IDEA.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Somehow your space spoke to me. I think it is because I have these strange little strips of planting areas too. I like your paths, especially the recycled bricks with different patterns. I don't mean this to be anything except complimentary: your garden and design is so simple and rustic and I can't wait to see it all grown in. It just has a really nice home.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your encouragement and feedback. I'm very glad you like the design and the 'feel'. I wish you success in your own garden!