Large Wood Clock Palette




Intro: Large Wood Clock Palette

The clock is build with palette wood, and a clock mecanism.

This is a big clock, it's funny to read the time on that :)

let's build

Step 1: Chose the Plank

To choose how to place the plank, i put them on the flor to look how does it look.

I just paint the blue planks just to have an other color, just wood color will be bored.

Step 2: Fix the Plank and Cut the Circle

I fix the plank together with 2 other plank.

The most important step, is to cut correctly the corcle.

For that I cut the circle by hand (so this is not a good circle) ans after I add a planl on the table of my band saw and drill a hole a 50cm of the blade.

And after a put a nail in the cercle of my clock and on the hole of the table.

Now just to power on the band saw and turn!!

Now we have a perfect circle, you can see on the photos :)

Step 3: Time to Paint the Number

I use a spraypaint with painting stencil that i print with my computer on the paper and cut with cutter le number.

Step 4: Add the Mecanim

I use the bigget mecanism i found, about 45cm the the big needle.

th e clock is finish :)

Step 5: Fix on the Wall

now the clock is ready, we can real the time :)

I hope you enjoy my clock :)




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    2 Discussions

    Kink Jarfold

    4 months ago on Step 5

    Yes, I liked this instructable. I especially liked that you painted some boards blue. That was a stroke of pure artistic genius.

    1 reply