Larger Than Life Lego 1x1 Bricks

Introduction: Larger Than Life Lego 1x1 Bricks

These awesome larger than life Lego bricks will amaze you!
You will need:
A color brick of your choice. (Ex. Red, blue, green, yellow etc.)
17 2x4 bricks
4 2x2 bricks
2 1x3 bricks
3 1x6 bricks
3 1x4 bricks
4 1x2 bricks

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Step 1: Make the First Layer

Use 2 1x4 bricks and 2 1x6 bricks to make a equal square as shown. This is the first layer.

Step 2: Make the Second Layer

Now you will add on to the first layer. Use a 1x6 brick to put on the up side. Like pic. Do the same on the side across from it. You will then get something like the last pic.

Step 3: Third Layer

Cover the entire bottom with 4 2x4s and 1 2x2. Will look like above. The 2x2 we won't use yet.

Step 4: Fourth Layer

Do the same on this layer.

Step 5: 5th Layer

Do the same layer style again.

Step 6: 6th Layer

Do the same layer style again. This will be the last time.

Step 7: Top Stud

Get a 2x4 and 2 1x2 bricks. Copy the picture shown.

Step 8: Insides

Look at the underside of your block. There is a hole right? Fill the smallest hole with 4 2x2s and your done. If you make more, you can stack them together to make larger than life lego creations! Hope you enjoyed it and please, VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!! Thank you. :D

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