Laser Alignment for Walls

The laser level alignment tool will show a red light line on the wall and floor. It helps you paint the walls, fix the pictures on the wall.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    so how did you level the walls? how did you level the pictures?

    what is the point of this NON instructable?


    How is this an instructable?
    Hey this is how to build a laser aligner! No, it's not. It's just showing your laser aligner.
    Here at instructables people publish at least some sort of INSTRUCTIONS for their projects, not videos of themselves showing their creations in use. It's like you publish a topic on a cooking forum about how to make a chocolate cake where there is only a video of yourself eating it. What is the point of that? You open the topic becouse you want to learn how to make the cake, not becouse you want to see someone eating it. You want to try it yourself, make it youself, enjoy it yourself, not watching someone eating it.
    So, I hope that you learn something from this and make a better instructable next time.