Laser Checkering Gun Stock

Introduction: Laser Checkering Gun Stock

About: Trotec Laser Canada provides laser engraving and laser cutting machines for processing a wide variety of materials. Cut, engrave and mark wood, paper, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics and many more. ...

No more checkering gun stock by hand, you can now laser engrave a checkered pattern onto the stock, barrel and other areas of a rifle or firearm. Wood, rubber or plastic, these checkered patterns are not only great for a good grip but look beautiful and customized as well!

Step 1: Engraving the Gun Stock

Using the Speedfy 400 laser machine with 100 power and 75 speed we engraved our gun stock.

Remember this can be done with wood, rubber or plastic!

You are so spoiled with all these options.

Step 2: Adding More Detail

Two steps? That's too much (ba dum tss).

We added some text and an image for extra flare but other than that it's that easy to add a checkered design with our laser machine!

Please see our two sample files attached to get you going! (Make sure the laser setting is in "relief" mode when sending the job over to JobControl)

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