Laser Cut Candle Holders





Introduction: Laser Cut Candle Holders

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Following up on this amazing Instructables by Amanda:

I decided to make a derivative, both employing her designs and adding a few new ones.

Settings @VLS4.60
General Hard Woods
Thickness: 0.125"
Power 100%
Speed 11%

They fit nicely but do use some wood glue to ensure maximum durability.

Never leave wood candle holders unattended!! Hope you like it :)



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Allah razı olsun

thank you

I downloaded the file, but can you tell me the height, width and depth of these candleholders? They look quite small..but they ARE beautiful! Thank you for offering this file!!!

i have a laser cutter that i can use so im defenetly going to make then about now

You ought to use a different image as your first, because the thumbnail only shows the centre section, with no candle holders in it.

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