Laser Cut Cardboard Recorders Rack




Introduction: Laser Cut Cardboard Recorders Rack

About: I am mechanical engineer and I work on robotic mechanical design. I am running my startup and sometime working on my design hobby.

I have 3 recorders and I usually put them everywhere then I decided to get better organization. I check for wooden racks and they cost 30-50 bucks so I planed to make one. I have access to laser cutter so I just need to design the parts.

My rack is made of cardboard. The dimensions are 6 in x 8 in x 11.5 in (depth x height x width). The rack need 2 minutes to assembling and it can hold very well my recorders.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You can laser cut any material that you like. Laser cutter can cut paper, wood or plastic. I planned to make them with acrylic (plastic) but to save budget, I used cardboard and it turned out good enough for my recorders. All you need is some carton box somewhere and the access to laser cutter. I cut the 0.25 in thick cardboard with Trotec laser cutter. The design is in the dxf files in case you want to modify. You will need 2 side parts and 3 connection bars.

Step 2: Assembling the Rack

Align the connection bar in the rectangle holes in the side parts as in the photo. It is important for the bar to be locked to the side part by the u-shaped gap on the bar. That is to make sure your rack will be stable especially when you use cardboard instead of wood or plastic. At the end you will get some thing like this.

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