Laser Cut Christmas Tree Ornament


Introduction: Laser Cut Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a file to be used to make a laser cut Christmas tree Ornament.  It was created in CorelDRAW X6.  I made mine on 1/8" thick Masonite.  There is no glue on these, perpendicular pieces that provide the structure are very tight to keep them together.  The discs just sit where they are from gravity.

If you need to change the gap for a different thickness of material, the support parts of the tree are 10 deg from vertical.  I used the laser settings that were provided for that material at the Techshop.  Mine were cut in a single pass.  I made it at Techshop.



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    Very nice! Made on a larger scale they could be used as ornament or small figurine displays.

    do not respont in cdr x5