Laser Cut Felt Cameos




Cameo pins made from laser cut felt.  All of the pieces are cut using a 40 watt Full Spectrum Engineering hobby laser cutter.

The doily is lasered into a flat design that loops and weaves into itself to make a raised edge around the frame.  Most of the designs incorporate two layers of felt to make two-colored lace.  Designed in Inkscape and lasered at full speed at 10% power.  

With a light touch, you can get very fine filigree out of the felt that holds up surprisingly well, even after being run through the wash, which has happened plenty of times to the ones I made for personal wear.  These seven are available on Kickstarter right now through Laser Lace Letters.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, they're amazing! That's a great idea. I might try cutting some felt for projects with the laser cutter here. :D

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I can't recommend it enough. The synthetic felt you can get from the craft store leaves a beautiful edge when it's cut.

    Even if you don't engineer some sort of self-folding thingamabob, you can use the precision of the laser to do some amazing piecework. This is what I donated to Desert Bus for Hope last year:

    One thing I've been wanting to try is a kids' sewing kit, with precut holes.