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Introduction: Laser Cut Felt Quiver

About: Hi. My name is Victoria and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy making projects for people to use on their lasers.

Are you getting excited about tomorrow's release of Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2? So are we! That's why we made this laser cut quiver... Why not show up in costume?

Required Materials

  • Felt - 622 g/m²
  • Hardwood 3.5mm
  • Wool
  • Sticky Tape

Suitable Laser Systems

Processing Tips

  • Using a vacuum table will help hold the fabric in place and with the removal debris from the surface of the material. If you don't have a vacuum table for your laser, I highly recommend it - this bad boy has been a godsend.

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Step 1: Design

Import the PDF file into CorelDraw and select model you wish to use. Then design for either felt or wood (see the tabs below the working area in CorelDraw).

Step 2: Laser Parameters

Remember: Every laser is different, even if you are also using a Speedy 400 80W laser system, so you will need to adjust your settings - but use mine as a jumping off point.

Once you've tested your material and have all your settings on point, it's time to laser cut and laser engrave your project!


Power: 33%
Speed: 50%
Frequency: 500 ppi
Air Assist: ON High Quality

Power: 40%
Speed: 2%
Frequency: 1000 Hz
Air Assist: ON


Power: 95%
Speed: 100%
Frequency: 500 ppi
Air Assist: ON
Z-Offset: 3.5

Power: 37%
Speed: 0.7%
Frequency: 1000 Hz
Air Assist: ON

Step 3: Laser Cutting & Engraving

HOT TIP: Before you begin with the cutting and engraving process, be sure to cover the edges of the vacuum table not covered with leather or felt with cardboard and/or sticky tape. This way the felt is properly fixed for laser cutting and engraving. VERY IMPORTANT FOR AIR FLOW!

You can adjust the size of the felt in CorelDraw according to the length of the arrows you will be putting into your quiver. Our sample is best suited for very long arrows. Send the file with the correct size to your laser cutter. After you've taken the felt out of the laser, put your hardwood board inside. Now send the file for laser cutting and engraving the bottom part of the quiver to the laser.

Step 4: Sewing Everything Together

Next you have to sew the round wooden plate and the felt along the holes together.

Take the side with the pattern and sew it onto the wooden plate. Make sure the engraving will be on the outside!

Sew the felt along the length and the remaining holes at the top together.

Ta-Da! Your quiver is ready for action!

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    Question 3 months ago

    Hi Rachel, what kind of felt did you use for this project? I'm guessing it's polyester rather than wool, because the engraving doesn't look brown, but I'd love to hear a definitive answer!