Laser Cut Geometric Pencil Holder




Introduction: Laser Cut Geometric Pencil Holder

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You will need:
Laser cutter
1/8" Wood

Step 1: Laser Cut

Cut out the pieces using the "Geometric Pencil Holder" file provided. The files are provided in .svg and .ai.
We used the 5th Gen Hobby Laser to cut our file.

Step 2: Assemble

Assembly is simple. You should have 5 cut out pieces. Each piece has notches that slot together.
Work a few pieces at a time and glue them in place.

Step 3: Show It Off

Congratulations, you have the coolest pencil holder among your friends. Show it off, and share your project with us on
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1 year ago

I must not know what I am doing but I can not dl the two files. Can someone give me a hint. Thanks

Love the look! Great job!

The file is broken.

Cool design! Thanks for sharing