Laser Cut Halloween Mobile

Introduction: Laser Cut Halloween Mobile

About: Hi. My name is Victoria and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy making projects for people to use on their lasers.

What's better than a laser? Owning a laser during Halloween! We used our new Speedy 360 and a little spooky Halloween spirit to create this fun mobile... And so can you!

Step 1: Set Up a File

We choose these Spooky Halloween Design files by GuiTAJ on Vector stock. If you like them... Download and convert the file.

  1. Download
  2. Upload into CorelDraw
  3. Trace Boundary for each shape
    1. Remove inside color
    2. Make outline hairline laser cut red
  4. Bingo bang-o you have cut files

Step 2: Cut Your Files

Cut out the files in a variety of colors!

Step 3: Assemble and Hang Mobile

We used heavy weight fishing line and arranged a fun pattern!

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