Laser Cut Harry Potter Symbols

Introduction: Laser Cut Harry Potter Symbols

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Here's a quick over view & files for the Harry Potter Crest with the four house logos I laser cut for my sister.

Step 1: Getting the File to the Correct Format for the Laser Cutter

The laser cutter I have access to is from a Hackerspace called Noisebridge which only accepts .dxf files

DXF means Drawing eXchange Format used to open a graphical image to be opened in CAD programs

Here's a link to how the laser cutter is used at Noisebridge:Laser Manual

Attached is a preview of how the symbol looks as well as the .dxf .svg file for all you laser cutting enthusiasts!

I also added a handful of files.


I cut my symbols on 3mm White Acrylic

Step 2: Crest Files

Step 3: Harry Potter Glasses

Step 4: Hallows Symbol

Step 5: Harry Potter Side Profile

Step 6: Hermione Side Profile

Step 7: Ron Weasley Side Profile

Step 8: Hogwarts Castle Outline

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