Laser Cut Jewelry Boxes (customizable Lids)




Introduction: Laser Cut Jewelry Boxes (customizable Lids)

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Hi everyone,

Here's another treat for those with easy access to a laser cutter: little jewelry (or storage) boxes.

They are quite easy to customize, scale, redesign...the ones in the picture are 9x9x4cm (inner diameter), if you do scale up, make sure to adjust the edges to the thickness of the wood you are using (currently 3.2mm mdf).

After you cut all the pieces glue them all together except one of the sides and the lid. After drying, insert the lid and glue the remaining side!

(.ai file attached, if you need other format let me know)

Hope you like it :)

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    3 years ago

    could you give me a dxf


    4 years ago

    can you offer a dxf file at all?