Laser Cut Key Chain Phone Stand

Introduction: Laser Cut Key Chain Phone Stand

I used Autodesk inventor to design a phone stand for a key chain. I used a laser printer to print the final product which could hold my iPhone 5 with the case on it. Project was inspired by

Easy DIY phone holder keychain.
by aescobar Ortega

Step 1: Design

I first used design software to come up with a basic design to hold up the phone without the case with a with all around of .3in

Step 2: Prototype

I decided that I would like to make a design in which I did not have to take my case off to use it. I increased the width of the slots to .5in

Step 3: Prototype #2

I printed the design with .5 in slots which ended up being to large to hold my phone with the case. I then got a dial caliper and measured the width of the case and estimated it to be around .4 in I then revised the original design and added rounded edges on the points.

Step 4: Prototype #3

I printed out a version that held the phone with the case firmly. it had two slots where the phone could be held but the one didn't serve much of a purpose so I decided to take it off and remove it from the design. The design also would be able to use a keychain ring

Step 5: Final Product and Product Evolution

I then edited the design files so there was one slot to hold the phone, I also changed the location of the keychain hole so that a key ring would fit trough and be able to hold it without breaking.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool!

    Any shots of this holding a phone?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Ooh, very nice! This is an excellent design, so clean and simple.

    I really like it, and think I'll actually make one. Although I'll be using a bandsaw, as that's what I've got access to. Thanks for this!