Laser Cut Letters 4" Tall

Introduction: Laser Cut Letters 4" Tall

Attached is a DXF file to cut all the letters of the alphabet. They can be resized and cut from many different types of material. A DXF file is the information about the project you want to cut in a specific format. Given such a file, you can import it to a laser and cut your project. The font is of my own design. I call it HECKVETICA.

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Step 1: Materials

The file is set for a piece of material 16" by 24". The cut space is only 15.25" by 23.25" but the extra space help insure you cut within the material. I made these letter from 1/8" MDF that only cost about $8 for 49" x 97" sheet. A sheet this size will give you 12, 16" x 24" pieces, or less than a dollar a piece.

Step 2: Regular Cut

The photo shows the result of the laser cutting out this DXF file. The letters are 4" high by 3" wide except for M and N that are 4" wide and I that is 2" wide. I cut this alphabet for my Granddaughter's daycare.

Step 3: Editing File

After the file is imported to the controller for the laser, where it can be edited. The day care also wanted the first initial of each kid in the 2 year old class. So I took the file and deleted the letters not needed and duplicated letters where more were required. The result is shown in the photo.

Step 4: Resizing

I wanted my Granddaughter's first initial cut as big as the material allowed so I imported the letters, deleted all but the A, and resized it to 15.75" wide x 21" tall. The photo shows the size difference of it compared to a normal sized letter. You could cut all the letters this size for about $25

You can resize the letters by different amounts or rotate them or whatever you can imagine.

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