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Introduction: Laser Cut Light Fixture

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I recently moved to a new desk at work and I wanted to liven up the space a bit, so I made this light fixture. This was a very quick project to make, and it turned out looking pretty good!

Step 1: What You Need

(x1) White LED Strip

(x1) Rocker Switch

(x1) Small PC Board

(x1) Universal 1000mA AC Adapter

(x1) 36"x24"x1/4" plywood

(x1) 24"x5"x1/8" opaque white acrylic

Step 2: Cut

Laser cut the attached pattern on your 36"x24"x1/4" plywood.

Step 3: Glue

Glue the sides of the box onto the back piece.

Step 4: Prep

Solder wires to the lugs of your rocker switch.

Cut off the end of your adapter.

Cut your LED strip so that it will fit inside your box. Cut through the small copper strips so you can still use the other part of the strip for another project.

Step 5: Insert

Thread the adapter's cord through the circular hole next to the rectangular hole on the back of the box. Next, insert the rocker switch into the rectangular hole.

Step 6: Solder

Solder the two wires of your LED strip to the PC board.

Next, solder one end of your rocker switch to the red wire of the LED strip and the other end to the black wire of the strip.

After that, solder the positive end of your adapter to the red wire of the LED strip and the ground to the black wire of the LED strip. Identify which side of your adapter is ground by checking the packaging or by testing it with a low voltage.

Step 7: Glue Some More

Use epoxy to glue the LED strip and PC board to the inside of your box.

Glue the acrylic sheet then the front piece onto your box.

Step 8: Done

Enjoy your new light!

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