Laser-Cut "Music Lead Sheet" Magnets

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I made it at Techshop SF!!

Here is the full video tutorial.  You can watch it instead of going through the steps in this tutorial.  Your choice.

I tried to make a "video instructible" but I couldn't figure out how to make that work, so I'm trying it this way.

The complete pdf of all these instructions is in the pdf attached. 

Step 1: Magnetic Lead Sheet - Preview of Final Product

Step 2: Purpose of This Project

Step 3: Materials I Used

Step 4: A Note About the Wood I Use

Step 5: Illustrator Template

The red arrow points to the "repeat previous chord" symbol.

The green arrow points to measure bars.

Please watch the youtube movie I linked to in the first intro step if this part doesn't make sense.

Step 6: Laser Cutting

Watch a 5 second video of the actual laser cutting:

Step 7: Classes You Will Need to Take at Techshop

Step 8: 24"x12" Plywood After Laser Cutting

I already popped a bunch of them out here.

Step 9: Up Close....

Step 10: Time to Magnetize

Step 11: Put Them Up. Start Playing!



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