Laser Cut Phone Stand

I made a Laser cut phone stand based off of the 90s Pittsburgh Penguins logo

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Step 1: The Stand Itself

Hello everyone this is my best shot at a cool hockey based cell phone stand that is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy s4 and the iPhone 5 and many other smartphones with a few dimension tweaks here and there. I made the stand based off of the look of the Pittsburgh Penguins logo from the 1990s

Step 2: How It Works

The logo acts as a stand in variable manners as many parts of the piece can act as a stand. For example you can use the tip to stand the phone horizontally or use the flat of the piece to stand the phone up vertically.

Step 3: Making the Stand

I drew up the stand on the Inventor program and drew it as accurately as I could to the logo. If you want a Penguins logo then this is a good starting point, and this also works as a template for other NHL team logos. Basically all you have to do is draw up your favorite team's logo and tweak the dimensions so it fits your phone

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