Laser Cut Settler's Board

My first project with a laser cut...a Settler's game board (to supplement the game I already own of course).

Step 1: Cut the Project on the Laser Cutter

This is a recent project that I made at TechShop Chandler. TechShop Chandler uses Universal Laser Systems laser cutters. A file is simply created with CorelDraw (or Adobe Illustrator). I drew the hexagons in CorelDraw, added text and imported some images from the web.

Unfortunately, I don't have licenses for CorelDraw on my home PC, so I can't include shots of the drawings.

Since this was my first laser cutting project, I opted to use 1/4" MDF, since it is cheap. The photo shows the game board right out of the cutter. I have enjoyed playing Settler's for years, but setting up the game is always a little slow. So I decided to supplement my game by adding this laser cut board.

Step 2: The Board 'frame'

Here is the frame with all of the tiles removed. I added the text for the perimeter for all of the discounted resource exchanges.

Step 3: Final Version

A little spray paint and here is the final product. Not too bad for a first draft. I think that I will try acrylic next.



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    5 years ago

    Cool! If I had a tech shop I would make one. I have played settlers for years but the board always falls apart