Laser Cut Shaving Stand

Are you tired of digging around in a drawer for your razor and brush? Worried about your kids cutting themselved on your discarded blades? Look no further! This custom laser cut shaving stand is for you!

It features:

  • A brush holder, conveniently placed on the left side
  • A razor holder, conveniently placed on the right side
  • A blade bank, with lots of space for your discarded blades
  • A cubby for your unused blades, full of user-friendly goodness

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Step 1: Cut Out the Pieces

Just download this .svg file and cut it out, or send it away to a laser cutting service. I designed it for plywood that's 0.19" thick, so make sure to use material of that thickness or make the appropriate edits.

Step 2: Assemble!

Glue the pieces together with wood glue, slap on some varnish and you're good to go!



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