Laser Cut Skull

Introduction: Laser Cut Skull

This is a tutorial on how to make a laser cut skull. You need 123D MAKE and a laser cutter.

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Step 1: New Project

Start by clicking the down arrow in the upper left corner and click new. You have started a new project.

Step 2: Find the Skull Online

Look up Thingiverse online, and find the skull by searching for it.

Step 3: Downloading

Click the blue download button, scroll down, and click the blue button again. This is going to download the skull to your "downloads".

Step 4: Uploading

Import the skull onto 123D MAKE by clicking import on the upper left of the app, and chose the skull.

Step 5: Converting to Laser Cut

Click the arrow under "Construction Technique" ans chose stacked slices. Now you are ready to laser cut!

Step 6: Print Out the Skull

Save your project to your desktop, and send it to the laser cutter computer. Let an expert print out your skull.

Step 7: Building

Glue together the skull. And you are finished!

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    4 years ago

    Pretty neat idea. Do you have any photos of the actual assembly process? That would be great to see!