Laser Cut Snowman Photo Ornament

Introduction: Laser Cut Snowman Photo Ornament

I made these ornaments because my lovely wife was busy with our new daughter, and couldn't do the holiday baking she normally does. They were made at Techshop Pittsburgh on their wonderful Trotec laser machines, which can be reserved for only a few hours, because everyone is using them!

Attached are the files for making ones for 2014. Red are the cut lines, black are engraved. Found that making them out of 1/8" material for the top clear layer and 1/4" birch for the back ended up with the nicest results, although we did do quite a few out of the 1/8" plastic for both parts. If you are short on materials, you can run just the rear portion, but I like the layered effect.

For this you will need 1/8 acrylic (got mine at home depot for $2 a sheet), a photo printer, and some super glue.

Download the SVG and arrange your pieces to fit the material.

Cut the pieces out, wash and prep, and then add your photo, cut to the size of the circle (did mine on a hobby crafting cutter) clued to the back piece in the area that is engraved. Then glue the top piece. I prefer a bit of glue near the hanging hole, and near the bottom, with a tiny drop at the center of the arms.

They make fantastic ornaments, and with teh right paper, they will last some time (HP vivera inks on their premium paper say 200 simulated years)

Add a bit of ribbon, and pass them out to the family.

(Dont forget to check out, great people, great machines!)

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