Laser Cut Sticker Stand

Introduction: Laser Cut Sticker Stand

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This sticker stand holds 94 stickers. You are welcome to use Inkscape or some other software to edit the laser cutting files to accommodate more stickers or bigger stickers or different text.


- one piece 1/2 inch plywood or two pieces 1/4 inch plywood (whichever your laser can cut through), at least 24x29cm

- Wood to go on the bottom that your laser can cut through (I used 1/8 inch thick plywood)

- Wood glue


- Laser cutter


I got my stickers from They are shaped to fit on a standard credit card, bus card, library card, etc.

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Step 1: Cut Your Wood

I have included three files:

- sticker stand with text

- sticker stand without text

- rectangular bottom

You can edit the size of the sticker slots (currently 7.5cm by 2mm wide) and the text using Inkscape.

In my photograph, I've rastered the text, but it is a lot faster on the laser cutter if you engrave it by cutting the outline with a low power.

If you are using half inch ply, cut one sticker stand file. If you are using 1/4 inch ply, cut the sticker stand file twice.

Also cut the rectangular bottom.

Step 2: Glue Your Wood

If you used 1/4 inch ply for the stand, glue your two stand pieces together.

Glue on the bottom.

I only used glue just under the top and bottom edges of the wood. If you don't get any glue in the sticker slots you can put your stickers in right away.

Hope you sell lots of stickers!

Step 3: Add Your Stickers

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