Laser Cut Structures for Ceramics




A tutorial on how to create laser cut structures with the intent of coupling them with ceramic objects.

Step 1: Design

Design your files in preparation to laser cut. My preferred modeling program is Rhino. This program can work both 2 and 3 dimensionally. In my case I designed the object in 3D then brought it into 123dMake which breaks down the form into slotted and fitted planes. Export the file as a PDF or AI file and you are ready to upload it to the Laser Cutter!

Step 2: Cut and Load Material

Once you uploaded the file to the laser cutter and have selected the proper settings for your material of choice, you will cut down the material to the size of the laser cutter's bed and load it in.

Step 3: Cut

Cut your pieces out -- simple! Make sure the laser is cutting through and the pieces slot together -- adjust settings as needed.

Step 4: Work Through Designs

There will probably be kinks and mishaps. Either in the aesthetics of your designs or the way the pieces come together. They are necessary developments.

Step 5: Assemble

As you work out your designs and cut out your pieces assemble them. If you did not have some order or markings on your pieces then you now have a dimensional puzzle to put together -- enjoy!

Step 6: Fix Together

If your pieces are not fitted together very tightly you will need to fix them together. I chose super glue gel as it left minimal traces of being used. Notice that i have a brace around my slotted structure so that I can glue the pieces into proper right angles.

Step 7: Place and Tweak

You are done! Place your pieces together and enjoy the rewards of your many re-designs and efforts!



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