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I made it at Techshop

I needed a wallet that was minimalistic, sleek, and inexpensive. This let me to create my own LaserCut wood wallet. This wallet holds my essentials with a personalized touch, and can be customized to however you like.

The best part about this wallet is the cost. It's comprised of two parts: 3 mm plywood, and bicycle inner tube. A fresh sheet of plywood and inner tube can be bought for a total of $25 dollars with enough material to easily create 25+ wallets.

I was lucky enough to find these materials for free.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

  • 3 mm thick plywood
  • Standard bicycle inner tube (26" x 1.75")

  • 60 W Epilog Laser Cutter
  • Software: AutoCAD
  • Pair of scissors

The materials should be easy to find. Plywood can be found at any hardware store (Home Depot) or several places online (Amazon). The bicycle inner tube can be found at any bicycle store. I was able to get a used one by just asking. It's important that the inner tube diameter is large enough so that it can comfortably fit around you cards.

The Laser Cutter I used was the one in San Jose Tech Shop. Any other cutter should be suffice, just note the cutting settings will differ.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood Frames

Use the Epilog Laser to Cut out the wood designs.

For the design, I measured the half-circle cutouts to be just about as big as my thumb (About 55m). The grooves on the sides for the band are 2 mm deep. I found this to be a bit too deep, and would suggest 1mm deep next time.

For the cutting, here are the parameters I used:
- Frequency: 500 Hz
- Power: 90%
- Speed: 10%

Step 3: Cutting the Black Band

Using scissors, make 2 straight cuts into the inner tube perpendicular to its length to make the band. The width of the band should be about 1mm shorter than that of the side notch in the wood.

Step 4: Assembly

Pull the black elastic band around the 2 wood pieces. They should be tightly bound together.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Custom Wallet!

Enjoy your wallet! Put in your cards and money, and shake it up a bit to make sure everything is secure. I haven't lost anything so far, and the band is still strong. Enjoy!

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7 Discussions


2 years ago

Very good object!
We are still waiting for the files, or at least for the bamboo-design ;)


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I created it in AutoCAD! I'll upload the plans to the instructables. My apologies for the late reply.


5 years ago on Introduction

For those without a laser cutter.

I've had mine for a few months from their kickstarter and love it.


5 years ago on Introduction

How many cards can you put in-between ? Also, how long does the tube last ? I love the design, it is very similar to one that i've wanted to put together for a while. I am currently on the rubber band and am ready to upgrade!

1 reply

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

I currently have 8 cards in-between, but there's definitely room for a few more.

I've been using this tube for about 6 months now. It doesn't show any signs of wear and to my delight, still remains quite rubbery. Glad you like the design!


5 years ago on Introduction

For years I have carried my gift cards and paper money wrapped in a inner tube rubber band, I don't like to sit on a conventional wallet, so I carry it in my front pocket. The addition of the wood pieces is a great idea.