Laser Engraved Wooden Name Signs

Introduction: Laser Engraved Wooden Name Signs

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I was doing a couple of other projects and my cousin kept me company so I quickly made this for her and our friend to use on their apartment doors.


  • Laser cutter+engraver - I don't have one myself but my local FabLab has:)
  • Wood - I used oak
  • Finish - I used oil
  • Mounting thing - you could drill small holes and use screws but I plan on just using double sided tape


If you only engrave then the letters are fairly difficult to spot. I added a cut outline (red lines in pdf) and set the speed+power settings so it didn't cut all the way through.


  1. Choose a font
    1. We used the free Kleymissky for Karen and Playfair Display Small Caps Italics for Sidsel
  2. Prep your file and send it to the machine
    1. If you are unsure about the power/speed settings the make a file with only one letter and do a couple of test runs to get it right.
  3. Engrave+cut
  4. Sand
    1. Make sure the burned blemishes you can see especially above the letters in the first picture are sanded off completely
  5. Finish

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