Laser Cut Wooden Seal

Introduction: Laser Cut Wooden Seal

This wooden stamp could be used as a wax seal, or as a stamp on paper or fabric, but I'm using it as a brand seal for ceramic pieces.
It's incredibly simple to make, with hardly any materials, and the laser is able to get a great amount of detail.

What You'll Need
01.  Scrap of wood (or acrylic) 1/8-1/4" thick, at least 4 times larger than the seal
02.  Double sided tape
03. Xacto/Scissors

Step 1: Prepare File

Set up your file for laser cutting.
To create my stamp, I set up four circles that would stack on top of each other.
2 inner layers, the logo reversed for the seal, and the normal logo for the top (to register the stamp)

Step 2: Laser Cut

Cut out your pieces. 
The depth of the etching is up to you, but you want to give enough depth to leave a clear impression (I did about 1/16")

Step 3: Assemble Stamp

Lay each piece down on the double sided tape, cut out and stick together. 

Step 4: Print!

If you are using the seal as a ceramic stamp, I had the best luck printing with it a couple hours after working the clay.

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