Laser Cut Zip Tie Bird House (No Glue!)




Introduction: Laser Cut Zip Tie Bird House (No Glue!)

About: I'm an A-level student from the England studying product design and doing a range of part time projects. I also have a laser cutter and laser engraving business called Phoenix Engravers.

*This project was a lot, a lot of workand cost me 1000 zip ties. Everyone who voted and help me get to the final thank you so much.*

This instructable unlike most of my others has been designed with one thing in mind 'ZIP TIE CHALLENGE' and wanting to make a more ambitious project than some of the tips entered so far. Zip ties being strong, flexible and inexpensive, and most important for me with this project, able to tie/attach items allowing me to produce a no-glue design. (Also because Tensol-12 is expensive)

Step 1: Choosing Your Zip Ties.

For this project as soon as the contest was launched I straight away got to Amazon and order ten 100 packs of zip ties. The zip ties are all brown and 100 mm x 2,5 mm.

With the project I do plan on having a functional birdhouse and as such it is important that the zip ties look in place with a tree.

Step 2: Making the CAD Design.

The next step is making the CAD design. The design I made did end up being small than I might of liked but due to the number of zip ties and size of acrylic available I went with the minimum size that a bird would nest in.

The design's size of hole changes what type of bird you want to home. 25 mm for blue, coal and marsh tits. 28 mm for great tits, tree sparrows and pied flycatchers. 32 mm for house sparrows and nuthatches. 45 mm for starlings.

Lastly you will need to include a gap in the inside floor so that there is drainage in the design, this is important if you want a safe birdhouse.

Step 3: Laser Cutting

Next step is cutting out the design in acrylic on a laser cutter. You could also use a cnc or if you are very talented a Dremel and drill bit. Once the laser cutting is compleate you can move on to the next most time consuming step.

Step 4: Zip Tie Time.

Time for zip ties, lots of zip ties. Using the laser cut holes I attached the decoration zip ties to all the sides. Next using tape I assembled to design and after which I used the last few zip ties to secure it all together.

Finally I added a chain of zip ties to hang it from. Then I found some bird's new home its home on a tree in my garden and were done.

*Thank You for reading this it was a lot of work and I only had a very short time to get this instructable out due to the bad delivery time for the zip ties.*

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    This looks really neat, the zip ties give it a great look, better than just you average bird house.

    Thanks for posting!



    1 reply

    I like the look of all the ties hanging down like hair, neat project!

    1 reply

    Thanks I'm Glad you like it.

    I'm pretty sure birds don't want to live in a plastic cage

    1 reply

    *Plastic Home and you would be surprised we have 3 imitation wood (plastic to look like wood) houses which are used every year mainly by swallows.


    2 years ago

    sorry but this just looks like a waste of materials.

    1 reply

    That is exactly what this is. If you want to be practical and use the best materials in the most efficient way you don't end up with inventions or the joy of design. The acrylic is industrial off cuts and is free the zip ties aren't very expensive and can be unlocked and reused if wanted. To me all told the project only cost me the electricity and my time. Regardless of this I hope you liked the project you may like my other less wasteful projects, Thanks for commenting.