Laser Cut a Wooden Spongebob Model

Introduction: Laser Cut a Wooden Spongebob Model

About: Laser professor

Today I am telling you how to make A Spongebob. Making Sponge Bob is easy! All you need is 5 mm plywood and a designs. Now is going to use a Thunder Laser system to make a Sponge Bob. Let’s start to explore fun with the laser!


Material: 5mm plywood

Other items: some glue

Laser head: standard head

Laser cutting machine: Nova35 80watt

Step 1: Setting Parameters:

Processing Mode: Cutting speed: 20mm/s

Cutting power: 70%

You can also draw on CorelDraw and then click on the laser plug-in to switch to the laser software. Set the appropriate parameters on the laser software and click Download to transfer the design to your laser cutting machine.

Step 2: Assembly It:

Place the plywood on the work table of the Laser cutting machine, move the laser head to the proper position, adjust the focal length, press the “Origin” on the LCD control panel to set the starting position, and then press the “Start” to start the work. Collect all the pieces cut out, Let’s do it by yourself.

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