Laser Cut and Engraved Thanksgiving Napkin Rings




About: Hi. My name is Rachel and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy making projects for people to use on their lasers. Experimenting, Travel, Do-It-Yourself Projects, and Food fuel my day.

This application was ran on a co2, 120 watt, Trotec Speedy 400 Laser with a 2.5" lens. Depending on the wattage of your laser the material settings might be different than what is shown below.

Step 1: Cutting and Engraving on Trolase Thin

Place you TroLase thin 0.5 mm adhesive material or whichever thin laminate you are using in the laser bed. Remember to take off the clear film on the side that you'll be engraving on.

Step 2: Cutting and Engraving on Wooden Veneer

After you have cut out the Trolase thins (thin laminate material), you are going to cut and engrave on TroWood veneer (wooden veneer).

Step 3: Cutting TroLase Laminate Material

Place laminate material in laser bed and cut out the small pieces of material. We used 3.2 mm thick TroLase material in red, orange and gold for our turkey feather inserts.

Step 4: Adhering Trowood to TroLase Thin Material

After you have cut and engraved on the wooden veneer you are going to want to pull off the adhesive film on the TroLase thin material. Line up the wooden cut out the the Trolase thins cut out and press the two together.

Step 5: Placing Laminate Cutouts Into Wood Veneer

Now that you have laminate pieces cut out, the TroWood and the TroLase Thin material adhered together you can start placing the laminate pieces in the cutouts on the wood. You can choose to do which eve pattern you'd like.

Step 6: End Result

Now that you have completed your Thanksgiving napkin ring, fold up a napkin and set it out for a unique and creative table setting.



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    Penolopy Bulnick

    7 months ago

    Those are so cute! What program did you use to design them? (I'm trying to find a good program for laser cutter design)