Laser Cutted Lamp - 3mm - Model 001




Introduction: Laser Cutted Lamp - 3mm - Model 001

Hi, my name is Roberto and this is my first ceiling light obtained by cutting 3mm plywood.

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Step 1: Skills Required

You also need:

- to be able to use Illustrator (or SVG software);

- to be able to be familiar with the Glowforge web interface (;

- be patient in the assembly of the individual pieces;

Step 2: What You Need

To make this lamp you need:

- Adobe Illustrator (or Inkscape or any software to elaborate SVG file);

- CNC laser (I used a Glowforge Basic but theoretically you can you any CNC);

- 3 sheets (or more) of 3 mm plywood;

- patience and creativity.

Step 3: Download and Edit the File

I used the TinkerFun file and modified it according to my needs.

If you want you can download/use the files that I modified: I changed the size of the top and bottom to match the neon and the bulb holder sizes.

Step 4: Upload the Files on Glowforge Web App and Set the Laser

My settings are:

- material: pine plywood 0.118 inches (3mm)

- laser speed: 190;

- laser power: full power;

- passes: 1;

- focus height: 0.118 inches (3mm)

Step 5: What Will You Get

When you have finished cutting all the pieces you will have:

- 1 top part (remember to check the dimensions of the hole for the bulb holder)

- 1 bottom part (remember to check the dimensions of the hole in order to change the bulb)

- 16 lamellae

Now you are ready to assemble the lamp

Step 6: Assembling and Gluing

Now you are ready to assemble your lamp.

The assembly is quite simple and if you want it does not even require glue (I didn't use it).

Just be careful because some parts are a bit 'delicate.

If you think to use the glue, first try to assemble it roughly to see that everything is ok, then unmount it, paste the joint jigs and assemble it again.


Step 7: Resources - Sources - Links

I got this lamp inspired by the "Laser cutted Lamp" project of TinkerFun created on Nov 30, 2016 on

I thank them for inspiration and you for following my tutorial.

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