Laser Cutter Coasters

Introduction: Laser Cutter Coasters

I took the laser cutter class at the Tech Shop and decided to go back the next day to make something on my own and lock in what I had been taught.. I decided to start small with a favorite design. So at home I created the design on Corel draw of a howling wolff with the name of our homeschool across the top. 

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Step 1:

This design would give me both the vector (cutting lines) as well as raster (etching). I then set the speed and the and power using the chart provided at the Tech Shop (and in my notes from class). But then I increased the power and slowed down the speed to achieve what I wanted. I ended up doing 3 passes for the cutting lines.

Step 2:

now I have a coaster, and better I learned more about using the laser cutter

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