Laser Cutting Wooden Boxes

Intro: Laser Cutting Wooden Boxes

Scroll down to know how I created three laser-cut boxes.

Step 1: Design

Use this website to create a layout for your boxes.

-Know the measurements you want for your box

-Check the units that collide with your measurements

-Type in your measurements length x width x height

-Type in the measurements for the thickness of your box

-Turn your file into a PDF

Step 2: Design Pt.2

Design your box with detail.

-Open your PDF

-Make any adjustments you need for your box

-If you want to add any designs into you're box maybe even an image

-When done convert your design into an SVG file

-Save into a flash drive

Step 3: Adobe Illustrator

-Open Adobe Illustrator

-Open your SVG file

-Choose your selection tool in your toolbox

-Click on the line of your shapes

-Right-click then press release clipping mask

-Select on the same line

-Right click and ungroup

-Select the background and delete

-Click File, Save As, Convert to Adobe Illustrator lai


Step 4: Laser Print

-Using the file that saved onto your flash drive connect it to the computer that is connected to the laser cutter

-Open up your file on the computer

-Make sure the laser cutter is set to print such as the origin, the vent is connected, speed, power etc.

-Once all the pieces are cut remove them from the laser cutter

Step 5: Assemble

-Polish your box using sandpaper but know how much you want to polish it and know which sheet of sandpaper to use because they all have different roughness

-Glue your pieces carefully using wood glue, apply glue to the sides and assemble

-Wait about one day to let the glue dry



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