Laser Dia Projector




Laser Dia Projector is small powerfull image projector that fits in your pocket.

It derivatives from diy laser microscope and same principle can be used to make microscope as well

You can use laser dia projector as microscope.

Good think about laser projector is that image is always in focus.

Step 1: What Do You Need

For laser dia projector you need

-Laser pointer- -sphere lens 2mm or 3mm- and 3d printer since objective is 3d printed. Links are just for informational purposes, glass sphere lens can vary in price and quality.

To make Laser projector you will need laser pointer with threads like one in photo, so you can screw so called objective on to it. I used 5mW laser pointer and it is working fine. But stronger the better.

Step 2: Printed Parts

I designed 3d model for Laser projector it is two parts design- - objective and dia-frame.

I designed two different objectives, one for 2mm lens sphere and one for 3mm lens sphere since I find out in experiments that those work best.

In photos you can see how I positioned models for printing.

You need to mirror objective because of threads.

No need for support. I recommend nozzle size 0.4mm or smaller.

Step 3: Preparing Image for Projector

Image size for dias is 12x12mm, you can put a lot of them on one a4 size sheet.

Best practice from my experience when preparing image is to discard color information.

You need grayscale image since you will not print in colors, black should be opaque as possible.

Vector drawings works best but also bitmap is working just fine as long you make put a lot of contrast on them.

Once you prepare your file you print it on transparent folia using black and white laser printer for maximum quality we don`t want any colors on dia image.

Step 4: Assembling Laser Dia Projector

Once you printed your 3d and 2d files you just need to put all together.

- put glass sphere in to objective, it should click.

- cut dia image you printed on folia so it fits in to frame.

- attach dia frame on the end of objective it should click.

- screw objective in to laser pointer.

Step 5: Have Fun

dia laser projector in action

But remember to never point laser in to eyes of human or animal since it ca will destroy their vision.

It is safer because light is spreaded but still better safe than sorry.

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    1 year ago

    So beautiful! Perfect for my Graffiti Research Lab Colection ;) Thanks

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    ok, I found your nice collection on your instructables page, thanks for adding laser projector.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Sounds great! Is there any way we can see your collection?

    Is it online?

    Uncle Kudzu

    1 year ago

    Super cool! Interesting that it's always focused. Thanks for sharing.

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    1 year ago

    Very cool. Lots of used for this!