Laser Diode Lightsaber

Introduction: Laser Diode Lightsaber

This will cover on how to build your own homemade laser diode lightsaber!

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Step 1: Parts

Gather all necessary parts.

1. 1 and 1 quarter inch by 12 inch slip joint extension tubing.

2. 1 and 1/2 inch by 6 inch extension tubing.

3. 4.1 and 1 quarter inch slip joint poly washers ( as many as you want)

5. Fabric, or leather to cover handle.

6. Super glue.

7. Anti reflective coated glass lens.

8. Duct tape (Assorted colours)

9.1-1/8 to 1-1/4 basinstopper.

10. Spray paint(whatever colors you desire.

11. Some sort of grip ( I used a plastic deice of tubing from a lamp.)

Step 2: Gather Parts for Laser Driver and Diode

The parts you will need for the laser driver were found at radio shack and the laser diode with Aixiz module was found on eBay.

1. 22-Gauge stranded hookup wire.

2. 2 1/8 inch Universal breadboard.

3. Printed circuit board ( small enough to be able to fit inside handle or can be cut in half to fit)

4. 123A 3v Lithium ion battery.

5. 100k-0hm Linear-Taper Potentiometer

6. Adjustable-Voltage Regulator LM317T

7. Radial Bi-Polarized Electrolytic Capacitor 1.0uF 50v 20%

8. one "C" Battery Holder

9. one penny.

10. 10 ohm 1-watt Metal-Film Resistors

11. 2 Epoxy Rectifier diodes 3 amps 200PIV

Red Laser diode with Aixiz module 650nm 400mW

Step 3: Build the Laser Driver

This will be the most difficult step. Place the parts on your breadboard as shown in the picture. Then move them over to the circuit board to sauder it into place. You will have to use some uniqueness in order for it to fit on the circuit board. I cut the circuit board in order for it to fit inside the handle.

Step 4: Construct the Handle

First: Place slip joint poly washers on the 1 and 1 quarter inch by 12 inch slip joint extension tubing. This will give grip to the handle and provide a stopping point for the black metal grip. Then take your grip and slide it down until it hits the poly washers. Add more poly washers to the top of the grip. You may want to glue these in place for a more permanent hold. Then drill thru the aluminum where there is already a hole in the grip. This will allow you to have the wires come out so you can turn the diode on and off. In the future you may use some sort of switch to turn it on and off.

Step 5: Construct the Handle Cont...

Take the 1 and 1/2 inch by 6 inch extension tubing and cut it towards the end as shown in the photos. Then take the shorter piece and place a poly washer inside. Then slide it onto the handle as shown. Make sure it is even with the other extension tubing.

Step 6: Install Circuit Board Battery and Laser Diode Into Handle

Make any necessary adjustments to make the circuit board fit inside the handle. Run two long wires thru the handle from the laser driver to the laser diode. Place two wires thru the hole made in the grip. These will be used to turn the diode on and off. Finally place the basin stopper in the bottom and your laser diode lightsaber is complete.

Step 7:

Install an on off button(open) into the hole in the handle. Connect it to the wires that should stick out of the handle. The laser is powerful enough to light a match. You will have to hold it at a distance maybe a foot.

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    4 years ago

    Very cool lightsaber! :)