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Introduction: Laser Engraved Chocolate

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If you have a laser machine i am sure that you already have expermiented a lot of materials, why not chocolate?

In this tutorial i am going to give you the basis to engrave chocolate as well as some patterns.

This tutorial is also available in video (sorry for my bad english) if you fancy one :)

Step 1: Making Chocolate

I decided to make my own chocolate sheets. Making chocolate sheets can be a very tricky process so if you don't want to struggle you can by some from the dollar store and skip this step.

I used 100 grams ( approx. 8 oz) of dark chocolate that i cut into small pieces to make it melt evenly. I am using a technique called Bain Marie which consist in putting a small pan into a hot -but not boiling- water pan.

It is really important to stir and monitor closely your melting chocolate thoughout the process.

Once your mixture reaches 55°C, remove the chocolate from the heat and let it cool until it reaches 23°C. You can put you pan in snow to help the process.

Once you reach 23°C, put it back in the hot water until the chocolate reaches 35°C. This step happens realy quick so take care.

Now your chocolate is ready, you can spread it on a silicone (or a paper) sheet. Try to spread it in a square shape, from the center to the edges.

Let it cool overnight

Step 2: Engraving Chocolate

Now that you have your chocolate sheet, place it on a piece of scrap wood. Do not use paper or it will burn during the cutting process.

Before engraving any new material you should try some settings to know which one is better. Those parameters may vary from one machine to another but also depends of the thinkness and the kind of chocolate you are using.
Dark chocolate melts at an higher point that white or milk chocolate.

One more tip for you: You might want to lower the resolution of your drawing. That wa, the engraving will pass one line on two and the chocolate won't melt so much

I used a Trotec Speedy 300, 250 dpi. For cutting: power 70, speed 1. For engraving: power 80, speed 100

Once you have your settings you can engrave and cut your chocolate. Once engraved let it cool for a while.

Thiner chocolate sheets will be more likely to deform because of the heat form the laser.

Step 3: Enjoy

Thank you for reading/whatching this tutorial, let me know if you tried it!

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