Laser Engraved Glasses (After Taking Techshops Laser Etching and Rotary Tool Classes)

Introduction: Laser Engraved Glasses (After Taking Techshops Laser Etching and Rotary Tool Classes)

After completing TechShop Laser cutting & etching SBU class (LAS101) and the Laser engraver rotary attachment SBU class (LAS201) I wanted to make some etched candle holdlers for practice.

Following the course steps and using an image from Mimi Daly PhotoCrafts I was able to make the following and tested out these new skills with a few more glasses and images.

Step 1: Setting Up the Glass and Rotary Tool

The rotary tool class explains in detail how this too can be added , setup and used in the Epilog Laser machine.
The most tricky and 'iterative' part is getting the glass level and rotating 'true' so that the image is centered and straight.

It is worth taking time with this step to ensure the etchcomes out where you want, especially if making multiple copies.

Step 2: Power Settings

Glass etching works well on the 600 DPI machine with a raster speed of 55% and a power level at 90%.
I tried a few variations below this to create a reduced etch (smokey effect) also but 55/90 is a clean etch.

Step 3: Laser Etching in Progress (Glass Candle Holder & Golden Gate Image)

Working with several glass & candle holder types I found the straight glasses easiest to setup and run repeat copies of.
This step shows the laser etching in progress.

Now I am looking for new laser Etching / Glass projects.
Thanks to the San Francisco TechSHop team for the great training.

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    4 years ago

    Very nice it is possible to make this on 130 W ND-YAD Laser machine. I tried it but nothing come on it there is any other way.