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Introduction: Laser Engraved Rubber Stamp

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This week we're going to show you our laser rubber material and how to laser engrave a Trodat Printy rubber stamp with our Speedy 300 laser engraving machine.

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Step 1: Engraving

Select the rubber that's appropriate for your stamp.

In this project we're using our Aero, which is a speed rubber that engraves 21% faster than regular rubber. It is also odorless when engraving and cutting a laser.

Laser: Trotec Speedy 300 80w
Engrave: 100 power, 20 speed

To see how we created the artwork in CorelDraw please see the video here:

Step 2: Cutting

Our Speedy 300 starts to cut as soon the engraving is done. We use our aluminum grid table for engraving and cutting the rubber.

Cut: 100 power, 1.2 speed

Step 3: Cleaning

Next you’re going to want to clean the residue out of the text plate. The way we’ll be doing this is by scrubbing it in some water with a standard brush.

We then dry it off with some paper towel.

Step 4: Installing

We're using our Trodat Printy stamp.

Make sure the word "Trodat" is facing you.

Trodat Printys have a locking mechanism, so you lock the open stamp in place, it's then easy to peal the cover on the adhesive and place the stamp over top.

Again, make sure that the "Trodat" is facing you when mounting the rubber.

Make sure you press hard on the rubber when mounting it onto the stamp.

Step 5: And You're Done!

Unlock the stamp mechanism. The rubber goes back into the stamp, presses against the ink, and you're ready to go!

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    Question 4 months ago

    Nice project. I want to do the same but make smd layouts of common ic chips for a pc board. If you have a basic layout then just drawing in any lines to the ic pins gives you an instant pcb. Do you know of an ink that works well on copper and will stand up to the acid bath for etching? So far I have used enamels but the dry time is too long.