Laser Engraved Toast




This instructable with show you how to be creative with your breakfast. You can create toast with your design for any occasion.

Step 1: Finding Your Picture

You can find a image off of google or use some of your own pictures. First you need to measure the size of your bread. Then you can create your document size on your program you use for laser engraving. I used Corel draw.

Step 2: Finding the Perfect Settings

You will have to mess around with the setting to find the perfect settings for your speed and power. I used 100% speed and about 30% power. It is more of a trial and error process.

Step 3: Be Creative

Mix it up and have fun with it. You can create personal messages or put your friends face on it. Instead of buying that million dollar piece of toast, on eBay, with Jesus face on it, just go ahead and create your own Holy Toast.

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    Woah! Making it! Soon and very soon!