Laser Engraver

Introduction: Laser Engraver

hi in this vidéo i show you every steps for assembly the laser engraver from Bangood .

if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me .



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    I have bought this kit a time ago.
    The laser continues to burn, he sailed in one place no matter what on benbox.
    I have bought a new controller, but it will the same.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi, Could you please tell the dimensions of the wheels included in this machine? do they fit well the rails, even being normal aluminum profiles, not V-slots? Thanks!

    Some time ago I built a Laser Engraver with this GearBest Kit.

    Unfortunately I have not found a software acceptable and easy to use, so I wrote my own.

    My software allows to load a picture and send it to the laser engraver quickly and easily.

    My software is written in a generic way for almost all machines with standard GCode firmawre.

    At the moment the software is WORK IN PROGRESS currently, in ALPHA testing.

    As I needed to modulate the laser power (I have a 5500 mW one) I used GRBL firmware version 0.9 (other versions are ON / OFF, 0.9 is PWM)

    Here the Robot Laser Project page :

    I will update soon the page (for now very rough).

    Please send an email at with your opinion, thanks.

    Hola, tengo un grabador laser el problema es que cuando conecto el usb a mi computador este no reconoce ningun driver, podrias indicarme donde puedo descagar los drivers para el controlador, la maquina fue adquirida en Bangood. Gracias totales

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    hello i hope you understand english , try to download the Eleks maker driver on google it normally will work :)
    Contact me if you have any questions :)

    Price? Link? Your thoughts?
    Good things? Bad things? Thanks