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Introduction: Laser Engraver With Arduino

This machine is designed to make the laser engrave in wood and opaque plastic, having an Arduino and the GRBL as machine automation basis. The machine axis are just the X and Y axis, which move a laser with power 1w 445nm, and this article aims to provide everything you need to make, without waiving of mechanical and electronic knowledge.

With around 170 euros can make one.

My portuguese blog: (like my blog on facebook please)

Step 1: Materials

You will need some material for your machine, in which I produced a list of required material. You will need tools.

Bill of materials:

1x Arduino Uno

1x Motor Jaw Shaft Coupler 5x5mm

1x Laser 1w 445nm (you can choose another, but i recommend max 3w on this cnc)

1x CNC Shield v3.1

1x Laser driver 12v

2x stepper motors Nema 17

1x power supply 12v 5A

1x laser diode 1w 445 nm 5.6mm

1x heatsink 5.6mm laser diode

3x GT2 Timing Pulleys 20 tooth 3m GT2 Timing belt

1x 12v fan cooler

1x 605ZZ ball bearing

12x Pulley Wheels Roller 695ZZ1x 5.6mm TO18 Laser Diode Case

2x stepper motor driver DRV8825

2x limit switches

1x switch power 3D printed pieces

1x plugin 230v cable

1x USB cable (in future we will use Bluetooth)

M5 Nuts

various length of M5 screwdrivers

flexible cable wire for electronics

1x pair of safety glasses Note: Never look directly into the laser, always wear protective glasses, link these glasses are cheap and effective, look directly at the laser runs the risk of blindness and cataracts.

On Rat rig:

5x 500mm V-SLOT 2040 – Black

8x OpenBuilds Universal L Brackets (Single)

1x OpenBuilds Tee Nuts (25 Pack)

5x OpenBuilds Tee Nut (1 Unit)

Step 2: Electronics

The wiring diagram of this machine is very simple, just follow the following schedule (the used resistance is 1k ohms)

Step 3: 3D Printed Pieces

Printed pieces in 3D, you'll need a 3D printer or else order from any website online already printed pieces.

This printed pieces are from another user of insctructables (tobias.sobkowiak)

Step 4: Mounting

With this photos you can mount easily your machine.

Step 5: Software

Necessary software (works only on Windows 7 or higher and requires framework 4), I used the CamBam (is paid) and 3DPsender, made by a developer who also made a laser engraver, call 3DPBurner.

GRBL hex file:

Xloader to flash Arduino:

how flash and setting of GRBL:

3DP Burner Send:

3DP Burner image2code:

CamBam settings:

Step 6: Results

The expected results of the machine will be these.

Download all files here:

Thank you and i hope that you enjoy :)

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hello, what is the role of that 1k rezistor between the wires that comes from cnc shield to laser ttl ? i run some tests and the laser works the same with or without it, obly the resistance mesured with rezistor is like 4.8 v and without 4.99 v. cand you explain to me ? thanks

Why is there a resistor between the positive and negative TTL lines? Won't that short it?

1 reply

If you knew what a resistor is you wouldn't ask that question...I hope i know it already... ;)

Do i need a bigger resistance for a bigger laser? lets say a 10w laser?

1 reply

No, the resistance has nothing to do with the laser size. The resistance is there to limit the current from the Arduino pin. Just to turn on and off the laser.

Please can you fix the link: ?

2 replies

You can use GRBL 1.1 and LaserWeb for controlling the laser. And for designing use Inkscape, all free software. ;)

I have the Arduino Uno R3. My laser is a 12 volt 500mw(below) on the R3, where do I connect it so the R3 controlls the on and off, the laser has it's own power supply. Thank You for the help

3 replies

Hi Radioman02

Did you manage to get the laser module working, please share information.


Ian UK

no I still don't. Here is my Arduino CNC Shield. Where do I plug the laser in at??

IMG_20180417_211737321 (1).jpg

You should look for the pin that usually controls de spindle. The laser is controlled by the Arduino as if it was a spindle. Your laser module should have a pin where you can connect it to the cnc shield.

relly works?

Ola consigo usar o march3 como controladora este projeto ou tem um outro soft para usar


1 year ago

Sir, can I use this part from this site:

5x 500mm V-SLOT 2040 – Black

it's very expensive from rat rig

Great work!! I can't figure out how to get my laser to turn on and off .. same set up as you .. grrr

hi mister, can you send me a photo of your datasheet. I don't understand your links between the cnc board and the laser I can set the motors and the endstops? can you write me pls?


Some time ago I built a Laser Engraver with this GearBest Kit.

Unfortunately I have not found a software acceptable and easy to use, so I wrote my own.

My software allows to load a picture and send it to the laser engraver quickly and easily.

My software is written in a generic way for almost all machines with standard GCode firmawre.

At the moment the software is WORK IN PROGRESS currently, in ALPHA testing.

As I needed to modulate the laser power (I have a 5500 mW one) I used GRBL firmware version 0.9 (other versions are ON / OFF, 0.9 is PWM)

Here the Robot Laser Project page :

I will update soon the page (for now very rough).

Please send an email at with your opinion, thanks.

hey, let's say i have a 3d printer and want to replace it's print-head with a laser diode. what i need beside the diode?

You can cut acrylic?