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Introduction: Laser Etch Leather Gloves

About: Trying to learn faster than I forget. It will be cool to make some stuff along the way.

I am loving laser etching!
Today I am writing about these work gloves I just got and wanted to personalize.
My first car was a VW bug and I still have it today.

I used an Epilog Helix Laser for this project.

Step 1: Pick a Graphic

I found this cool logo on the internet and brought it into Adobe Illustrator to re-size the image. I used guides to help line up my print size relative to the space available on the gloves.

Step 2: Set Up Laser

I knew where the logo would go relative to the glove position an a sheet of paper.
I set the laser to print in that position.
With that done its time for print setup.

Step 3: Test and Etch

We like to run "air passes" before running the actual etch. If you have the pointer turned on, and leave the laser cover open you see a visible dot that will simulate the actual printing process.  This will prevent wasting material if something isn't set up right.
I liked the layout and where the laser ran, so I went for it.

Step 4: Enjoy!

I made this project at the Tech Shop in San Carlos California.

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